M.J. Rapoport & Company, Inc.

Package Types

pouches – water soluable
bag-n-box propel/repel containers
bags - valve and open mouth pumps
bottles - plastic and glass sticks
boxes syringes
bulk - drums, totes, tankers swabs
cans - metal and composite tablets:
capsules   cleaners
cartons   industrial
cartridges   sanitizers
caulk:   toilet bowl
  two part side-by-side thermoform
  cannisters - fiber and metal towelettes:
cups   cannisters
fiber   peel and reseal bags
form, fill and seal   individual packets
gable top cartons tubs
glass tubes:
jars   aluminum
metals   plastic
pipettes   laminate
pouches/packets -   and more..
  most heat sealable combinations including:
  polyesters, polyethylenes,    
  foils and paper    

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