M.J. Rapoport & Company, Inc.

Specialty Chemical Products

acids   grease compounds
agricultural chemicals   hot fills
auto aftermarket:   ink
  appearance products   insect repellent
  lawn and garden chemicals
  lubricants   marine products
bleach and items formulated with bleach   oil and grease absorbents
blended solvents and thinners   oxidizers
catalysts and hardeners   parts cleaners
cat litter   petroleum based items
corrosion inhibitors   powders
corrosives   products sensitive to
cutting fluids     temperature, moisture, and air
effervescent products:   silicones
  cleaning   solvents and degreasers
  HBA   static eliminators
  novelty   tablets – 1/4" to 4" diameters
epoxies   toner
flakes   viscous liquids
flammables   water repellent compounds
granules     and more..

Challenging Products and Packages Are Our Specialty

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